“I have been seeing Dan for two months for pain that I have had in my left shoulder for about six years. I have seen two other chiropractors with little luck. Upon walking in to Ascend I felt right at home. Dan took the time to ask a series of questions related to the pain I was having to determine the correct treatment option for me. In the past, chiropractors have recommended extremely long courses of treatment with numerous visits per week that were very hard to stick to due to time and expense. I have been to Ascend four times in two months, and the pain in my shoulder has been nearly non-existent. It turns out that it did not take a long course of treatment or numerous visits per week, but a doctor who actually listened and chose treatment options that work best for me. I highly recommend this practice and am very happy that I have finally found a long term chiropractor.”

-Steph K.

“Dr. Dan is awesome! I always thought chiropractic wasn’t for me, but Dan’s thorough explanation of chiropractic and the variety of treatments sold me. Since that time, Dan has helped my body feel so much better. He has helped my lower back, hip/psoas, and ankle. Not only is Dan a thoroughly knowledgeable Chiropractor, but he’s a great guy that I look forward to chatting with! I highly recommend Dr. Dan to anyone in need of chiropractic!”

-Derek N.

“I have some degeneration and bulging in the discs in my neck. I had a lot of pain up and down my arms and legs and in my shoulders. The regimen of therapy and exercises that Dr. Dan has given me has done more for me than my attempts at physical therapy and Cortizone injections, with no side effects. I now have a negligible pain and much greater range of motion. I’m so glad that I found Dr. Dan!”

-Debbie T.

“Dr. Dan was more than accommodating and extremely helpful in adjustments and treatments as he helped relieve back pain I had been experiencing. I’ve been pain free for days after chronic pain for quite awhile. Any other issues I come into I will no doubt be at Ascend with Dr. Dan!”

-Marty S.

“I came to Ascend Chiropractic with neck pain that affected me at work and made me less productive. After spending a few weeks in care with Dr. Opitz, the pain was gone. Dr. Dan used a combination of adjustments, muscle work, and education on home stretches and exercises to get me better in what I feel was the most efficient way possible. If you are looking for integrated care that focuses on the whole body at incredibly reasonable prices, look no further. I would suggest Ascend Chiropractic to any of my friends and family.”
-Aaron R.