Why Choose Ascend Chiropractic?

Chances are you’ve seen a chiropractic office somewhere. So why choose our office over the numerous others you’ve encountered? We’ll start with four pillars that we pride ourselves on at Ascend Chiropractic: individualized care, integrated approach, honesty, and availability.

Individual Care

A lot of clinics out there use the exact same protocols to treat every patient. At Ascend Chiropractic & Wellness, we tailor your care to YOU. Everyone’s body is built a little differently than the next persons, and one individuals neck or low back pain (to name just two common conditions) may be due to completely different causes than the next persons. Through a thorough examination procedure, Dr. Dan determines the cause of your pain and works with you to correct it.

Integrated Approach

Ascend Chiropractic & Wellness uses a multitude of therapies to not only correct spinal misalignments, but to correct muscular imbalances and fascial restrictions as well. From diversified manipulation (commonly referred to as an “adjustment”), to Graston therapy, to Kinesio Tape, Dr. Dan employs an integrated approach to work on the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems to get you feeling your best in the least amount of time.

Questions about what all of these techniques are? Check out descriptions of our services here.


Have you ever been to a clinic where one person tells you that you owe a fee and another tells you differently? Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you, but with all of the different insurance plans and pricing options things tend to get lost in translation these days. Rest easy. At Ascend Chiropractic, Dr. Dan and his staff meet regularly to make sure they stay congruent on your treatment plan and financing. During his review of findings, Dr. Dan makes sure to layout exactly what the treatment plan will entail and how much it will cost so that there are absolutely no hidden fees or misunderstandings for any patient.


We all have busy lives. Things come up, schedules change, and life happens. Ascend Chiropractic will work with you to find a time when you can come in and receive the care you need. Whether it is during our normal week hours, or a Saturday appointment, we are here for you when you need us. Simply call us at 952-300-2050 to schedule an appointment today. Or schedule online here.